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Five Most Common Lead Generation Mistakes

Signpost "Lead Generation"

Companies invest heavily in showcasing their products and services at consumer shows. Today, more and more companies are using technology to capture consumer information at events via sweepstakes which they plan to use to “drum up” new business. While the concept is not new, the methodology for generating real leads (not consumers that entered a sweepstakes) is new.

Having been in the event industry for over 15 years, I have seen some incredibly big lead generation mistakes that leave me scratching my head at times. So much time and money is spent on creating a well thought out display, yet so little time and resources is allocated to actual lead generation, which is what ultimately helps companies generate sales from these events.
Here is a list of the 5 most common mistakes I have seen:

Offering the wrong Grand Prize. The grand prize of any sweepstakes is supposed to attract your  target audience, so if you are in the auto industry, your grand prize should attract drivers. Too many companies are offering the latest high-tech gadgets as a grand prize which ultimately attracts technology enthusiasts not drivers.

Technology does not work. I have walked up to countless digital touch screens over the years that simply do not work. Either it is a web application that has poor connectivity, someone is trying to fix it, or even worse there is a sign reading out of order – this hurts your brand.

Sweepstakes is not promoted. Positioning a couple of touch screens in isolation in the back of your display will not generate results. Ensure that your touch screens are in a high traffic area and are supported with trained staff and promotional signage.

Insufficient information. Asking for a consumer’s name and email address is not enough! With the right value exchange (Grand Prize), consumers are more than willing to spend to 2-3 minutes to tell you about their personal information, buying habits and intent to purchase … so ask for it!

No follow-up. If consumers take the time to visit your display, show them you heard and appreciated them! You can do this by sending them a post event thank you email with information they said they were interested in. The more relevant the communication, the more likely consumers are to open, read and ultimately buy your products.

You can avoid all of these costly mistakes by making lead generation a priority in your event activations and by partnering with a marketing company that specializes in lead generation.

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